How does Keep Rates Young work?

With most term life insurance, if you change your coverage, they might give you a new rate based on your age at the time. At Wysh, as long as you retain your level of health and insurability, you can make changes to your policy and we'll calculate your new rates based on the age you were when you started the term.

Here's a quick lil example on how it works:

Say you opened a 20-year term policy with $350k in coverage at age 32. Then, 10 years later, you decided you wanted to add another $100k in coverage. You would need to go through underwriting again, but assuming your health and other factors did not decline over those 10 years, we would increase your coverage to $450k and give you a rate as if you were still 32 years old rather than 42, potentially saving you some real money. Youth is a beautiful thing.

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